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Speechviewer III, IBM
"...a powerful speech and language tool that transforms spoken words and sounds into imaginative graphics. ...You can select from over a dozen SpeechViewer exercises. Each exercise responds to your voice input with immediate, clear and meaningful feedback that helps you 'see how to speak.' In addition, SpeechViewer III provides animated rewards that reinforce successful responses. ...The program's sophisticated clinical management functions automatically collect pertinent data that allow therapists to easily document progress and see and hear results."
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Visual Voice Tools, Edmark
"...a collection of seven 'tools' that help students and clients develop fine control of their voices. Beginning with simple sound awareness, these tools progress students through multiple aspects of voice. Each tool accepts vocal input and provides visual feedback in the form of an animated graphic and is designed to allow students to clearly establish the relationship between the graphic and vocal dimensions. Students learn and practice fine control of pitch, loudness, voicing and breath control for phonation.

TalkTime with Tucker, Laureate Learning Systems
"...a new voice-activated program that encourages children with speech impairments to vocalize. When your child talks or makes sounds into the microphone, Tucker moves and talks. Unlike voice recognition programs which require precise and accurate speech input, this program accepts a broad range of sounds and/or speech to make Tucker come alive. Almost any input is followed by an appropriate response..."

Tiger's Tale, Laureate Learning Systems
"...stimulates language production by encouraging students to 'talk' for a Tiger who has lost his voice. Preschool and elementary students alike will delight in recording their voices to create their very own movies. ...Tiger has lost his voice and needs help looking for it. Children 'talk' for Tiger and their voices are recorded to create a movie. When they're finished, they can watch their movies and hear themselves speaking for Tiger. ...During Tiger's search, a variety of animated characters appear and ask children questions to elicit their thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. Conversations are developed using your child's voice along with other pre-recorded voices..."

Irregular Verb Training, Laureate Learning Systems
Swim, Swam, Swum: Mastering Irregular Verbs

Following Directions: One and Two-Level Commands, Laureate Learning Systems
"...provides practice in following one and two step directions and exercises short term memory while teaching spatial relations and directional terms..."

Following Directions: Left and Right, Laureate Learning Systems

The Sentence Master: A Program for Success in Reading, Laureate Learning Systems
"...The program emphasizes the over-learning of non-content words, such as "the," "is," and "here," which make up over 50% of any page of text. A free CD-ROM DEMO of this program is available."

The Readable Stories Series: The Birthday Surprise, The Puppet Show, and The Hidden Toy, Laureate Learning Systems
"...a trio of programs designed to improve reading comprehension in early through intermediate readers. Each story can be presented at three different levels, controlled for sentence length, word order, and the use of clauses and idioms. After the story is finished, the reader is asked a series of comprehension questions..."

Locutour Multimedia Products, Learning Fundamentals

Articulation I Consonant Phonemes, "The articulation series was designed to allow drill and practice on the speech sounds necessary to improve speech intelligibility. The 1,320 words are grouped by voiced and voiceless phoneme pairs in 11 categories. The simple format of listening to the word, sounds, phrase, and sentences allows practice at all levels of complexity. Photographs were chosen to appeal to children with developmental articulation disorders... Articulation I is a comprehensive two disc set that covers English consonant singletons in the initial, medial and final positions. Disc 1 covers sounds that are often problematic for ages 4-7: p/b, t/d, f/v, th/th, sh/zh, ch/j, and m/n. Disc 2 contains sounds that are often problematic for ages 6-10: th/th, s/z, sh/zh, l, and r. Both discs can be used with adults with aphasia or language disorders."

Literacy: Phonemic Awareness
"Seven stimulating exercises provide all the basics of phoneme recognition; production; sound to symbol correlation; sound segmentation and blending; and recognition of syllables."

Look! Listen! and Learn Language!
" Early Intervention Activities for Language Development. Seven interactive activities for children with Autism, PDD, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Language Delay, or Apraxia." Activities include, "And the Little Duck Goes Quack! Learn to identify the sounds that animals make..." and "Hello! Answer the phone, listen to a voice asking a question, and identify which person on the screen is speaking to you..."
Fran Avni Music, Learning Fundamentals

I'm All Ears: Singing Into Reading with Fran Avni
" A collection of songs to help with rhyme recognition, completion, and production; syllable segmentation and deletion; and phoneme isolation, alliteration, and addition. Used to build pre-reading skills in children and give them an understanding of sounds and words that help them learn and understand language. Singer/songwriter Fran Avni has created original songs for children for over 20 years. Her songs are included in numerous language arts curricula including ongoing CBC Sesame Street repertoire. Songwriter storyteller Nancy Schimmel has been recognized for her songs by Parent 's Choice (two Gold Awards) and the American Library Association. Sample Lyrics from I'm All Ears: Eat a date, now drop the /t/ and have a good day Here's a plate, now crop the /t/ then go out to play Clip the /t/ from state, that 's where you want to stay Drop or crop or clip (4 claps) a sound away. Plant a seed, now crop the /d/ then jump into the sea Paint a bead, now drop the /d/ and buzz goes the bee Clip the /d/ from knead, and get down on one knee Drop or crop, clip or snip, (2 claps) a sound away."
Video Voice

"It motivates through positive reinforcement... Numerous entertaining speech practice formats keep individuals interested and motivated to succeed. All Video Voice formats feature scoring, cartoon rewards and encouraging messages to reinforce a sense of progress and improvement. It captures the intangible... Speech is by nature both transient and intangible. Video Voice's displays capture speech productions and freeze them on screen, providing ways to examine and discuss speech errors. Its displays of the nonsegmental elements of speech make it easier to work on these 'invisible' elements as well as sound and word articulation. It lets individuals participate differently, and more fully... The visual feedback lets individuals be more involved in judging their speech productions. This can change the nature of the speech session dramatically, giving them a greater sense of power and responsibility for their speech skills. Both the individual and therapist can see and discuss the voice patterns... It provides consistent practice targets... Models of therapy targets can be created and stored for reuse, so the individual gets consistent visual feedback across sessions... It assists in cognitive development of the kinesthetics of speech... The live feedback in the Gobble game, Temporal Display, P-A-R Displays and Fun and Games options provides opportunities for vocal play. The individual can 'explore' his voice, and, through changes in the visual displays, learn how modifying tongue position and other vocal organ movement affect sounds produced. This process helps develop the motor control required for consistent and accurate sound production. It "legitimizes" the speech session... The Video Voice displays make speech practice an entertaining and rewarding experience. Individuals are typically willing to work harder and repeat targets more times than in a traditional therapy setting."
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