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We've scoured the 'Net for tools and toys to help you to help your children. Here are the best products available online. A portion of the proceeds collected are donated to charitable organizations supporting children with disabilities and their families. Thank you for your contribution!

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Augmentative Communication Devices

Augmentative Communication Devices: A Side by Side Comparison

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sign Language Products Sign is an often-recommended alternative means of communication while your child learns to communicate verbally.

Toys to Encourage Speech and Language Development
These toys talk and/or respond with sound.
Books with Rhyming and Repetition Rhyming and repetition encourage the acquisition of speech and language Books and Videos that Feature Animal Sounds and Other Familiar Non-Language Sounds. "Non-language" sounds are great for easing into speech work: Music CDs to Facilitate Speech and Language in Children

Toys to Encourage Oral Motor Development blowing bubbles, musical instruments that help to develop oral motor strength and other similar products

Sensory Integration Toys and Games

Children's Computer Programs: Pre-School Baby Einstein - Baby Wordsworth - First Words - Around the House
DVD and Video

DVDs to Help Late Talkers

Communicating through Pictures and Symbols

Toys to Encourage Gross Motor

Fun with Puppets

Pre-Kindergarten through Early Elementary School

Turn-to-Learn: Word Family Wheels (Grades PreK-2)
Toys to Develop Reading Skills Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Early Elementary School Years Children's Computer Programs: Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade

Children's Computer Programs: Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades

Books to Learn to Read By and books to help parents to teach your children to read

Word Whammer Fridge Phonics Set
LeapFrog and other Electronic Products
electronic systems, videos and DVDs to engage children in communicating and reading

Toys to Encourage Fine Motor Skills

Toys to Encourage Math Skills Development

DVDs to Encourage Speech-Language Development

Third through Fifth Grades

Products to Develop Speech and Language Skills for Children in the Later Elementary Years

Software and Educational Tools for Children in the Later Elementary Years

Magnetic Journal Products for Encouraging Writing

Developing Athletic Skills

Pre-Teens and Teens

College Preparation Tools for Teens

Focusing on Areas of Strength

Learning Resources Time Tracker
Using Visual Strategies: Children with speech-language impairments, while frequently having difficulty with auditory/verbal skills, may have very strong visual skills. Stengthening and expanding upon these skills can provide for a way of compensating for the areas of difficulty.

Products to Help with Other Concerns

Educating Children About Special Needs:

Social Skills and Appropriate Behavior

Bedtime Help

Bathtime, Making it Fun Bullying

My Potty Reward Stickers
Toilet Training


Parents and Professionals' Library

General literature about speech, language and special needsProfessional Literature about Language and CommunicationLiterature for Teachers General Parenting Products and Information

Specific speech-language impairments

Accompanying Conditions Specific areas of the journey to help your child with his or her language impairment:

 Speechville Paraphernalia

 Large Mug

Speechville Paraphernalia
products that display the Speechville logo