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JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade
Jump Start Advanced First Grade

Customer Review
If you are using this for educational purposes, you need to go to the parent options portion of the software. I had my son and daughter take the assessment test. You can see how they do on the leveling section. Then if you go to the Report card, you can select what you want your child to work on. There are LOTS of options to pick from, sentence building, syllables, parts of speech, addition, subtraction, money, earth science, and on. I could really zone in on what my son was not good at, parts of speech, (identifing noun, verb, adjective) and sentence building. He kept scoring low on money also, but he would say it was easy. I watched him and realized he wasn't picking the largest coins first. Once he did that his score improved. I think the software is a great tool, BUT the parents have to spend a little time each day selecting which section of the software you want your child to do. Otherwise, they are just playing random games. But, picking out the sections only takes less than 1 minute. I am buying 2nd grade reading softwre today!

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade
Jump Start Second Grade

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Inspiration 7.6
Inspiration 7.6

Product Description:
Powered by the proven techniques of visual learning, Inspiration® 7.6 supports improved achievement for all students. Retaining the core functions that have made Inspiration the premier tool to develop ideas and organize thinking, Inspiration 7.6 introduces significant new capabilities to improve the visual learning experience for students and teachers. This new version provides more powerful support for critical thinking, comprehension, and writing in language arts, social studies, science, and planning. EnableMart is an authorized Inspiration dealer.

Kid Pix Deluxe 4
Kidpix 4


Kidspiration 2

Product Description:
Designed for emerging readers and writers, Kidspiration 2 helps students develop confidence as they learn to organize information, understand concepts and connections, create stories, and express and share their thoughts. Enablemart is an authorized Kidspiration dealer

Mercer Mayer's Just Me and My Dad

From Children's Software Revue®
Another Mercer Mayer book on CD-ROM! In this one, Little Critter and his Dad are off on a big camping trip. Lots of adventures await- there are fish to catch, campfires to build and ghost stories to tell before bedtime.


Mia's Math Adventure: Just In Time
Mia's Math Adventure

Leapster Multimedia Learning System: Silver
Leapster Multimedia Learning System and other LeapPad educational electronic tools