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Speech Therapy
Who Diagnoses Speech Language Disorders?

Speech Therapy: What it "Looks" Like

Speech Therapy: How Much It Costs

How to Find a Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapists are also known as SLPs)

Associations Involved with the field of Speech Language Pathology

Regional Speech-Language Hearing Associations

Special Education

Children with communication disorders and/or delays are "at-risk" for literacy issues and learning disabilities. Literacy includes reading, writing and spelling. Since school curricula are language-based, our children often need help developing their language skills. Also see the Speechville Express section on Dyslexia.

"Problems with language may involve difficulty expressing ideas coherently, learning new vocabulary, understanding questions, following directions, recalling information, understanding and remembering something that has just been said, reading at a satisfactory pace, comprehending spoken or read material, learning the alphabet, identifying sounds that correspond to letters, perceiving the correct order of letters in words, and possibly, spelling. " from ERIC EC Digest

Special Education Books - Resources to help guide you through the maze of special education law and advocacy

America Reads Challenge - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Research Supports the America Reads Challenge. "The America Reads Challenge recognizes the supreme importance of an early and successful start to learning to read. Providing children with the right literacy and reading experiences in the early years is likely to set the stage for successful reading and citizenship in later years."

Learning to Read - phonemic resources, phonological awareness, rhyming, alliteration and lots more resources to help your child become a successful reader.

Learning to Write - handwriting and expressive writing. Worksheets, books, articles, software programs and other helpful links.

Spelling Tips - word recognition, visual learners, spelling helpers and more.

Links Internet Resources for Special Education

Books: Speech and Language

Links: Speech and Language

Links: Language Disorders

Links: Assessment

Software: Speech and Language Software for Use by Speech Therapists

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Occupational Therapy

Biomedical Interventions