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Selective, or elective, mutism is a disorder of childhood that is characterized by the total lack of speech in at least one situation, despite the ability to speak in other settings. It is usually first noticed when the child enters school. Specific features of this disorder are described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as follows:

"Selective mutism is a rare disorder that is said to affect less than 1% of school-aged children. It is slightly more common in girls than in boys."


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Helping Your Child With Selective Mutism: Steps to Overcome a Fear of Speaking

Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism: Steps to Overcome the Fear of Speaking

Customer Review
As a clinician that has worked extensively in the area of selective mutism, I have read most of the available resources on the topic, and Dr. McHolm's well written and comprehensive book is by far the most valuable. Based upon research findings and the author's years of experience, the book includes information about selective mutism and a detailed, practical description of strategies that can help children become more comfortable speaking. I would strongly recommend this resource to both parents and professionals that are supporting a child with selective mutism. --Shannon Edison