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Myelin is the white matter insulating the nerves, which allows the conduction of impulses from one part of the body to another.

Myelin can be destroyed by hereditary neurodegenerative disorders, such as the leukodystrophies, and by acquired diseases such as multiple sclerosis. All together, demyelinating diseases affect an estimated one million people in the industrialized countries alone.

Diseases related to myelin  - ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Delayed/Hypomyelination, and more


Articles and Research:

Demyelinating Neuropathies - technical information from the NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASE CENTER, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Myelin Disorders - articles and resources.



The Myelin Project "... is a multinational gathering of families struck by one demyelinating disease or another. Refusing to accept the conventional view that science cannot be hurried, they resolved to advance the moment when myelin could be restored. They have done this by creating a framework in which researchers could cooperate effectively, by giving scientists adequate, prompt financing and by continuously interacting with them. "

National Institute of Neurological Disorders

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that help brain cell mylenization


Myelin Disorder Web Board - talk to others on this webforum that is set up to discuss and comment on Myelin Disorders

Support - the Organization for Myelin Disorders Research and Support. "This international network was founded in 1996, and provides a communication network among families (and professionals that work with them) who affected by hypomyelination and myelin deficient disorders."