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Otitis Media, Hearing & Language Development

This information is provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Otitis media is an inflammation in the middle ear (the area behind the eardrum) that is usually associated with a buildup of fluid. The fluid may or may not be infected.

Symptoms, severity, frequency, and length of the condition vary. At one extreme is a single short period of thin, clear, non-infected fluid without any pain or fever but with a slight decrease in hearing ability. The other extreme is repeated bouts with infection, thick "glue-like" fluid, and possible complications such as permanent hearing loss.

Damage from otitis media places a child at greater risk of continued language delay.

Fortunately, with early identification, serious medical complications can be controlled with medicine or surgery. However, there is one problem that nearly always occurs with all types of otitis media - fluctuating hearing loss.

Hearing Impairment is usually diagnosed by an audiologist. A hearing screening is usually used at the school to identify students who may have this disability, but careful and more extensive evaluations must be done by an audiologist for a child to be considered to have a Hearing Impairment.

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